Beginner program part II

Are you keep going in dance Argentine Tango?

This program continue digging in the knowledge that the students got from the Beginner program part I.

Is Intended to keep going in the learning process of the dance Argentine Tango in a social environment.

It consists of 5 progressive courses that you must take progressively to move on to the next.

At the end of the course level 10 will be an exam to complete the program.

For those who already have some knowledge of Tango and want to participate in a different level of the program, the teacher in charge will test to see which course would be best to start in, since this is designed so that all the students are level in each class.

Program was carefully crafted so that students learn progressively taking into account the speed of learning and not only consists of practical classes but also lectures because is especially relevant for us that students learn about the dance environment.

All courses require pre-registration.

dance Argentine Tango

Objectives that the student will get at the end of the program:

-Students will learn to manage differents combinations with the basic figures and will incorporate some complex figures.
-Students will work with elements to have a better fluidity between the dance couple when dance in the differents spaces that shows up during a social event.
-Tango have many differents Orchestras that left great recordings to dance with so the students will work with new rhythmic variations and will discover these Orchestra’s character.
-Develop the dancer confidence that every dancer need to take advantage from the space that they have when dancing and be able to apply this to the social dance floor. As a result students will get confident to go inside a crowded dance floor and enjoy a nice dance..


-Practice sessions
-Access to Tango music playlist
-Discounts in Roadrunner practica & Milonga
-Certificate of completion