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2019 Lovelace Day of Dance – Thanks!

Thanks the Lovelace Day of Dance’s organizing team to invite us to participate to coaching your celebrities for the Duke City Dance-off competition, was a lot of work but fun to do, we are looking forward to next year event!…and yes Eva win again!




2019 Lovelace Day of Dance – Saturday Feb. 2nd

Again this year we’re gonna to participate in the awesome Lovelace Day of Dance!!!

Take a peek at The Marriott Pyramid, doors open at 11 am. If you want to know more about the school, we’ll be having a booth in there.

We’ll be doing a pro-performance at 12:14 pm and then, the cherry on the pie starts at 1 pm, the Duke City Dance-Off – Lovelace’s version of Dancing with the Stars featuring local celebrities, we’ll be there too!

See you there!

Pablo, Emily, Todd & Eva

Pablo, Emily, Todd & Eva

ABC of Tango – Absolute Beginner Course-Spring

Absolute Beginners Course “Argentine Tango”-Spring starting April 5th

Wednesdays & Saturdays – 6 pm to 7 pmABC Argentine Tango Spring

This course is for anyone who wants to start their first
steps in to dance Argentine Tango and was designed for the student to go slowly entering the dance, breaking cultural and personal barriers that may separate one from the development of the dance.

During the entire course the students will work in the body’s communication and the relationship with your dance partner, also in the awareness of the music and space, furthermore there will be an emphasis on posture and embrace because are essential for synchronization in the dance.

Objectives that the student will get at the end of the program:

Get more confidence and greater self-esteem.
Feel ready to tackle the beginner program.
You will understand how your body and the partner’s body works inside the Tango embrace and most of all understand the Tango rhythm.


-12 practice classes

-Discounts, Roadrunner practice & Milonga

-Access to Tango music playlist

-Certificate of completion